Airtight arch

Place the spotlight on your brand with an arch equipped with an airtight, inner pneumatic chamber!

Touring Inflatable luchtdichte boog op maat
Luchtdichte boog full colour geprint en afneembare hoezen
Airtight arch with removable covers


  • Material: polyester
  • Dimensions: 4 x 2.83 m – 7.6 x 5.38 m – 9.6 x 5.38 m – 12 x 5.58m
  • Includes: hand-held blower, transport case and mounting hardware
  • Options: interchangeable cover, internal LED lighting

Are you organising a festival or sporting event or opening a new shop? Then use an inflatable advertising arch as an eye-catcher during your event or campaign. At Inflate, we offer several types of inflatable arches, including an airtight arch. When you use an airtight arch in a crowded venue, you shine an even bigger spotlight on your brand or organisation! Inflatable advertising arches are ideal even for smaller events, like the opening of a shop.

Make sure your brand is "in the picture" with an airtight arch!

The airtight arch is a modern, updated version of the traditional inflatable advertising arch. Its modern look offers many advantages. And, it is the perfect tool when you do not have access to a constant supply of electricity. In fact, airtight arches only need to be inflated once. What's more, their covers can be changed and ordered separately. This makes them perfectly suited to all kinds of (sporting) events! As an extra, you can also opt for internal LED lighting, making your arch shine in the dark. The airtight, or pneumatic, arch is always delivered with mounting hardware and a sturdy transport bag. That way, you can set it up straight away!

Choose an airtight arch to add that special lustre to your event

At Inflate, we are happy to advise you about which airtight arch best fits your needs. Together, we translate your wishes and design into an inflatable arch for your event. The best materials ensure that your event runs like clockwork. Should you require support, we also offer a full-service package. Would you like more information, or would you like to discuss the possibilities? Then do not hesitate to contact us now.