Airtight wall

Spread your message in a jiffy!


Strong as steel yet light as a feather, and quickly set up.

  • Material: polyester with inner pneumatic chamber made of sturdy TPU
  • Dimensions: 230 x 230 cm – 300 x 250 cm – 400 x 450 cm – 300 x 300 cm – 400 x 300 cm – 500 x 300 cm
  • Includes: compact transport case and hand-held blower

Our airtight wall is a practical way to separate your stand from your neighbour's stand and to attract attention at an event! Use our airtight wall to create separate spaces for your trade show booth or to keep certain areas out of sight of your guests.

Our inflatable, airtight wall is super handy for building your stand!

The airtight wall from Inflate can be quickly set up and is easy to use at trade shows. It is compact and comes with an easy-to-manage transport case, which means it is ready to go in no time! The wall can be made to your format specifications, and various options, such as internal lighting, are available. The airtight wall ensures that your trade show stand is immediately functional. Our airtight model comes with a hand-held blower, which you only need to use once per event. We also have an inflatable wall with an external blower. What's handy is combining our airtight wall with our bar tables and reception counter – this ensures that your trade show stand is immediately functional.

Make an impression with your airtight wall in any format you require!

At Inflate, we are happy to advise you about which airtight wall best fits your needs. Together, we translate your wishes into an airtight wall for your event or advertising campaign. We do this by using the very finest materials, so your event runs like clockwork. Should you require support, we also offer a full-service package. Would you like more information, or would you like to discuss the possibilities? Then do not hesitate to contact us now.