Inflatable totem pillar

Ready to use in only 1 minute!

Opblaasbare zuilen INFLATE met interne verlichting en afneembare covers 4.0M
Opblaasbare zuilen 4m met interne verlichting


Our totem pillar packs up compactly, and you can create even greater visibility with the internal lighting. The interchangeable covers make the pillar very versatile and suitable for every event.

  • Material: polyester
  • Dimensions: 2.2 m – 2.8 m – 3.0 m – 4.0 m – 5.0 m
  • Includes: mounting hardware and a sturdy transport case
  • Options: standard equipped with internal lighting, completely customisable interchangeable covers

Organising an event soon, or do you need trade show equipment? Then choose our inflatable totem pillars. The advantage of inflatable pillars is that they are visible from a distance but also fit nicely in relatively small spaces. Because of this, the totem pillars are suitable for indoor and outdoor use. And since they mostly take up vertical space, your brand can be seen from far and wide. This makes them ideal for trade shows, in-store promotions or festivals and outdoor events, to name just a few. Besides all this, with an inflatable totem pillar, your brand really stands out and your message is delivered efficiently. Do you need the totem in a location without a power supply, or is the noise from a blower a nuisance? In that case, we offer you the option of an airtight totem pillar.

Inflatable pillars: installed in just a few moments!

When you are looking to draw attention to your product or brand, an inflatable advertising pillar is a good option. And because it takes up mostly vertical space, it is perfect for smaller or limited spaces. Besides that, our inflatable pillars are standard equipped with internal lighting. By adding an internal LED light, your message is always beautifully visible. What's more, the inflatable totem pillar is multifunctional and suitable for any event, thanks to the interchangeable covers. Our pillars are available in various formats so you can choose whether to use them indoors or out. The inflatable totem pillars are always delivered with an internal blower, mounting hardware and a sturdy transport case. That way, you can set it up straight away!

Inflatable pillars are perfect at indoor and outdoor locations

At Inflate, we are happy to advise you about which inflatable totem pillars best fit your needs. Together, we translate your wishes into an inflatable advertising totem for your event or advertising campaign. We do this by using the very finest materials, so your event runs like clockwork. Should you require support, we also offer a full-service package. Would you like more information, or would you like to discuss the possibilities? Then do not hesitate to contact us now.